What logoed mugs or tumblers are dishwasher safe?

2 days ago

The short answer is no screen printed drinkware is dishwasher safe, even if it says top shelf safe.  Here is a bit lengthier explanation.  We sell a fair amount of mugs and tumblers to com...

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How To Save Money On Imprinted Apparel

Jun 21

What all goes in to the pricing of imprinted apparel?  That is important to know so you can also know how to save money when purchasing imprinted apparel.  Here’s a good checklist: &...

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What do your promos say about your business?

Jun 04

One of my favorite sayings about promotional items is that they are the only advertising for which people will thank you.  Most of the time this is very true!   We like to say that you...

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The Curse of Polo Shirt - Rolling Collars

May 15

I’ve seen a LOT of polo shirts during my twenty years or so in the promotional products business.  I’ve seen several that claim their collars do not roll, but they do.  Why is th...

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You'll Be Stylin' With These 5 New Apparel Trends

Apr 23

  Looks like the logo apparel landscape for the spring and summer seasons trends towards heather/melange patterns, though not always called that; along with textured but still soft materials. P...

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Top Ten Fun Promo Items From Our Q2 Specials

Apr 04

  We've just rolled out our Q2 Specials and wanted to highlight some really fun items for spring and summer.   First and foremost, and very economical to boot, are Koozies.  We'r...

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Top Ten Tech Promo Items

Mar 07

Tech-related promotional items continue to be a top category for us at Promo Hounds and across the country.  Here' s a quick look at some of our current faves: Cords are always getting tangled, ...

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Promotional Apparel Trends for 2018

Feb 09

What's hot in promotional apparel trends for 2018?  Nicer dress shirts, more offerings for women, jersey type shirts and the melange/heather look....LOTS of melange/heather look! If you want to ...

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Hot New Promo Products & Trends 2018

Jan 24

It's always great to attend the Promotional Products Association's largest trade show of the year in Las Vegas.  It's an excellent opportunity to see what's new and what the current trends are.&n...

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Promo Hounds Top Ten Selling Items For 2017

Dec 05, 2017

      It is by far the question we are asked most often.  What are clients buying from you lately? We've reviewed our orders from 2017 to date and below are our top sellers for...

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Great New Styles In Our Fall/Winter 2017-18 Apparel Line

Nov 07, 2017

  We’ve just posted our all new fall and winter apparel line and there’s some exciting new items this year!  We’ve included many items such as long sleeve polos, long slee...

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Check Out Our Q4 Specials With Great Discounts On Holiday Gifts, Tradeshow Items, Client Gifts, Office Items, Home Items, Auto Items and More…

Oct 25, 2017

  Our 4th quarter specials have some great ideas for holiday gifts, fall tradeshows, client gifts, and items for personal use like in your car or at home!  Here’s a brief overview, ju...

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Do You Hate It When People Talk “Holidays” This Early In Year?

Sep 20, 2017

  I do in general, as in when it comes to talking about gifts and so forth for family and friends.   I DO NOT though when it comes to talking about business and corporate gifts because it ...

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Learn Apparel Decoration Techniques

Jul 25, 2017

What’s the difference between screen printing and embroidery? How about debossing and embossing? And what’s the best fabric for laser appliqué? If you’re not so sure about yo...

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Keepin’ It Cool This Summer

Jul 03, 2017

Almost everyone loves to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather in middle Tennessee this time of year.  It’s all good, except for the heat.  So our Promo Hound has tracked down th...

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The Spin On The Popular Spinner Toys

May 30, 2017

  This information is taken directly from Wikipedia.  We just thought you would be interested in the background of the Spinner toys that are so hot right now! Although they were invented i...

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Best Selling New Promo Items Through May This Year

May 17, 2017

Everyone always wants to know what’s “hot” right now with promotional products.  We have your answers.  Lumping the top ones into two categories the most popular would be c...

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Spring to Life With Promo Hounds’ Q2 Specials

May 03, 2017

Spring is a time of year when everything comes to life, people get on the go more, and there’s correlating increased activity in business too! With that in mind we wanted to tell you a bit about...

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Easy Guide To How Long That Drinkware Will Keep Your Liquids Hot or Cold

Mar 21, 2017

Brands like YETI have made a big splash because of their ability to keep liquids hot or cold for long periods of time. There are many brands now, particularly in the promotional products drinkware bus...

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Promo Hounds – What’s with the name?

Feb 01, 2017

People ask us all the time why the name Promo Hounds. Well actually only a few have but that wouldn’t make for a good opening line. Anyway, I thought I’d explain. It is mainly because clie...

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Not Fake News. Most Travel Mugs Are Like YETI’S Now, But Lower Priced

Jan 17, 2017

This is not fake news.  Most of the metal double-wall tumblers (travel mugs/cups)  you can get now are in the same category, as far as how long they will keep liquids hot or cold, as the YET...

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Thank You For Making 2016 So Prosperous For Promo Hounds!

Dec 29, 2016

We just wanted to take a moment to thank all our clients for the business they gave us in 2016.  Thanks also to all who referred new clients our way.  We really appreciate that! In 2016 we ...

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Tis The Season To Give - Thanks

Dec 05, 2016

Let’s put this spin on the holiday season this year.  Let’s say Thanksgiving is the beginning of the season to be more thankful for all we have, and maybe even for what we do not have...

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10 Popular Styles of Fall and Winter Company Apparel for 2016/2017

Nov 07, 2016

These 10 popular shirts, vests and jackets can have you and your employees looking professional while sporting your company logo this fall and winter.  Still trendy are soft shell jackets, fleece...

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Promo Hounds' New Seasonal Specials Feature Holiday, Wellness, Trade Show and Team Support Ideas!

Oct 10, 2016

We're always excited to post a new series of seasonal specials, and we think our Q4 specials will solve most your promotional product needs.  Here's an overview of what you'll find (they begin on...

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How To Be Someone's Favorite T-Shirt - A Primer On T-Shirt Materials

Aug 26, 2016

  In the past few years more options for better quality t-shirt material have become available.  After we started showing our clients some of the new choices, more and more are going with...

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We Can Help You Achieve Your Q3 Marketing Objectives With These Seasonal Specials

Jul 01, 2016

Planning an event or campaign for the months of July, August or September?  Then check out our recently published Q3 Specials. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find (click...

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Most Popular Promotional Items For Summer

May 30, 2016

We hope you will find this guide to the most popular promotional products to market with during the summer will be useful for you.  These items were selected based on our own sales history and da...

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Our 2016 Spring/Summer Apparel Line Has Great Brand Names and Styles!

May 07, 2016

There are two major improvements to our Spring/Summer Apparel Line for 2016.  Number one is we’ve added some great retail brand names to the line.  Number two is our addition of the Tr...

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What’s Special About Our Q2 Specials

Apr 11, 2016

We recently posted our spring or Q2 specials on  Here’s a quick overview of why these specials are tailored for the spring and early summer seasons. WRITING INSTRUMENTS&nb...

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Best Promotional Items To Keep On Hand

Mar 28, 2016

In general we at Promo Hounds are not big proponents of keeping a stash of promotional items on hand.  Our preference for clients is that they purchase them as specific needs arise, whether that ...

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Hooray For A Soft T-shirt With A Fuller Cut!

Mar 07, 2016

4.5 oz. ringspun cotton t-shirts became very popular a couple years ago; initially introduced by companies like American Apparel and NextLevel, etc. Since these brands cater more to a younger audience...

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What You Should Know When Buying Power Banks

Feb 22, 2016

Power banks, rechargeable mobile chargers for your mobile devices, were by far the best selling tech item for Promo Hounds last year. That is most likely the case with a lot of distributors. Our su...

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Does It Really Have To Be a YETI?

Feb 05, 2016

People are so crazy about YETI items! Kudos to the marketing department there as they’ve done an excellent job of creating demand. Too bad production can’t keep up with it. Someone told m...

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First Look At 2016 New Promotional Products

Jan 13, 2016

Here's a quick first look at some of the new items for 2016.  These are items we found at the 2016 New Promotional Product show in Orlando, FL last week.  This list definitely doesn't have e...

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First Look At 2016 New Promotional Products - Tech Items

Jan 11, 2016

Here's a quick first look at some of the new items for 2016.  These are items we found at the 2016 New Promotional Product show in Orlando, FL last week.  This list definitely doesn't have e...

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