A Plethora of Promotional Pens - Know Your Options!

Jul 15

Writing instruments, which includes pens, pencils and highlighters, are the top-selling category of promotional items.  There are so many different type pens available now that we thought it woul...

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The Summer of Swag

Jul 03

Promo Hounds has just posted our Q3 specials and whether you need promos/swag for summer events, the upcoming school year or just trendy items; we think you will find some great suggestions here! &nb...

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What’s the right travel drinkware for your needs?

Jun 19

The range of travel tumblers, mugs, cups and bottles has grown considerably over the past few years.  Items that used to be extremely popular even a couple years ago are no longer in very high de...

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Let's Drink To Preserving Mother Earth With Reusable Straws

Jun 06

Reusable straws thankfully are becoming much more popular now.  Let's get this point out of the way first; they are not for everyone and from our experience they really seem to be more popular wi...

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The Most Popular Cap I’ve Ever Seen

May 29

If you do not know about it already, let me introduce you to the Richardson 112 Snapback Trucker Cap.  In my over 20 years in this business I’ve never run across a more requested cap than t...

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When Saving Money On Swag Costs You Money

May 21

We understand that everyone wants to get the best deal they can when purchasing promotional products (swag) for their marketing, safety, human resources programs, etc.  However, you can go too fa...

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Helpful Info If You Are Considering Wireless Charger Swag

May 08

We are seeing more requests for information regarding wireless chargers for use as promotional products or swag marketing.  The main issue with them is that not all phones are compatible, excep...

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You Won't Find Under Armour Apparel Everywhere, But You Will Here

Apr 25

  Not every promotional product (swag) company can provide you with Under Armour apparel that can be decorated with your logo, but Promo Hounds can.  Under Armour limits their distribution ...

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How To Choose The Best Beach Towel For You

Apr 15

Beach towels are a fairly popular warm weather promotional item.  When choosing a beach towel there are three main criteria to consider:  type of material, size and weight.  Here’...

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Whether Business or Pleasure - Promo Hounds Q2 Featured Items Should Fit Your Needs

Apr 03

  Hopefully you are enjoying this spring weather of late as much as we are!  The Promo Hound gives his approval: If you are looking for business related promotional items you'll find ite...

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What's New With Promo Hounds' 2019 Spring/Summer Apparel Line

Mar 29

  We've just rolled out our 2019 2019 Spring/Summer Apparel Line and think you will find some styles you'll love there.  Couple things to point out first.  Almost any item s...

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Put A Speaker On It

Mar 11

Seems a very popular trend these days is to put a speaker, particularly Bluetooth speakers, on items that would not normally have a speaker.  Here's a few examples below:   This backpack w...

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The Curse of Polo Shirt - Rolling Collars

May 15, 2018

I’ve seen a LOT of polo shirts during my twenty years or so in the promotional products business.  I’ve seen several that claim their collars do not roll, but they do.  Why is th...

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You'll Be Stylin' With These 5 New Apparel Trends

Apr 23, 2018

  Looks like the logo apparel landscape for the spring and summer seasons trends towards heather/melange patterns, though not always called that; along with textured but still soft materials. P...

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Top Ten Fun Promo Items From Our Q2 Specials

Apr 04, 2018

  We've just rolled out our Q2 Specials and wanted to highlight some really fun items for spring and summer.   First and foremost, and very economical to boot, are Koozies.  We'r...

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Promotional Apparel Trends for 2018

Feb 09, 2018

What's hot in promotional apparel trends for 2018?  Nicer dress shirts, more offerings for women, jersey type shirts and the melange/heather look....LOTS of melange/heather look! If you want to ...

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Keepin’ It Cool This Summer

Jul 03, 2017

Almost everyone loves to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather in middle Tennessee this time of year.  It’s all good, except for the heat.  So our Promo Hound has tracked down th...

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Best Selling New Promo Items Through May This Year

May 17, 2017

Everyone always wants to know what’s “hot” right now with promotional products.  We have your answers.  Lumping the top ones into two categories the most popular would be c...

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Most Popular Promotional Items For Summer

May 30, 2016

We hope you will find this guide to the most popular promotional products to market with during the summer will be useful for you.  These items were selected based on our own sales history and da...

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Our 2016 Spring/Summer Apparel Line Has Great Brand Names and Styles!

May 07, 2016

There are two major improvements to our Spring/Summer Apparel Line for 2016.  Number one is we’ve added some great retail brand names to the line.  Number two is our addition of the Tr...

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