Put A Speaker On It

  • Mar 11, 2019

Seems a very popular trend these days is to put a speaker, particularly Bluetooth speakers, on items that would not normally have a speaker.  Here's a few examples below:


This backpack with Bluetooth speaker let's you bring the party wherever you go.

Backpack with speaker


There are a couple different type "bottles" available now with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.  One is this stainless steel double-wall one that keeps your liquids hot/cold a long time.


And the more traditional Tritan sports-type bottles are available with Bluetooth speakers also.

Sport Bottle Bluetooth Speaker


Feeling a little romantic?  How about a candlelight Bluetooth speaker?


Here's another bag, a tote bag, that let's you bring the party along with the goods also.

Tote bag bluetooth speaker


lf you could use some tunes while your phone is charging wireless then this wood grain speaker/charger is for you:

Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker


Maybe you'll feel like a rock star with this Amp Bluetooth Speaker?

Amp Bluetooth Speaker


Or you can get up and dance to this MoonBow Light Bluetooth Speaker:


Feeling nostalgic?  How about this Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker?


If you don't see a Bluetooth Speaker style here you like, just let us know and we'll search for what you want.  kevin@promohounds.com.