Showing Employees You Appreciate Them Is Now More Important Than Ever

  • Jul 20, 2021



As we are all aware from media, employees are changing jobs at a more rapid pace now than in any of our lifetimes.  Employees are also wanting better treatment from their employers.  Some want to feel more appreciated, some want less hours, some want flexible work locations, others want better benefits, etc.   

One area we can help with is to help you find ways to make them feel more appreciated.  The easiest way is to actually tell them every day.  Let them know (and make sure it does) their input matters.  You can also focus more on end results accomplished verses focusing on how much time they’re putting in. 

Besides that you can use promotional items and apparel to make them feel appreciated. 

Whether it is something with their name on it to recognize them, something to use at their work space, something to use at home or in their leisure time, we can help.  You might even put together a kit that helps them carry needed items to their flexible work locations (we can have the kits assembled and dropped shipped for you).  Here's some suggestions:

Let's start with a bag for them to carry their items back and forth:

This natural X-Large Tote Bag is a great solution and as low as $4.70 each (note the blue color is a different item actually):

x large tote bag

Or if you want to keep their laptop protected, give more room and make easier to carry; this Hive 17" Laptop Backpack should do the trick and are as low as $23.98:

Here's some suggestions to make their work area more productive:

They likely will need more USB ports than what their laptop has.  This 4-Port Hub is a good solution and as low as $5.25 each:

4 port usb hub

Blue light protection glasses really show them you care about their health and safety.  These can be done with frames to match your PMS color and are as low as $2.96 each:

They might also need more charging adapters.  This 4 in 1 cord adapter is a nice fit and as low as $5.39 each:

Everyone looks better with better lighting from ring lights like these ring lights as low as $4.89 each:

ring lights

This tech kit, though the auto charger adapter seems a little out of date, make a nice accessory also and are as low as $9.50 each:

tech kit

You can also show employees you care by offering some health and wellness items:

This yoga stretch band in a pouch is great for home exercising and as low as $5.25 each:

yoga stretch band

Or even a simple sport bottle for them to stay hydrated and are as low as $1.39 each:

sport bottle

And if you prefer a different type of sport bottle this one made of durable Tritan material with a straw is as low as $3.65 each:

tritan sport bottle

And if they are working from home reward them with kitchen items that will come in handy:

There's a nice metal pizza slicer as low as $2.82 each:

pizza cutter

Promote healthy eating at home with this apple slicer as low as $3.15 each:

apple slicer

And when they are making that afternoon snack of nachos they'll appreciate this cheese grater as low as $1.89 each:

cheese grater

There are many many more possibilities of ways to reward and make your employees feel appreciated, which will hopefully help with retention.  Let us know if we can help: