Who's Ready To Have Some Fun This Summer?

  • Jun 1, 2021



Okay we’re calling it.  Time to get back to normal, at least close enough, for most of us!  People are ready to chill and have some fun with others. 

So, what does that mean?  It means people, companies, churches, civic clubs, sport teams, schools, etc. getting out and having fun or doing whatever! 

If you haven’t made plans for a group get together with whatever your organization is, might be a good time to do that?  Some things you could do (be sure click "Show more products" under links):

·         Have a picnic at a local park

·         Go to The Frist

·         Go to Cheekwood – highly recommended

·         Go float a river

·         Take them to Lower Broad – maybe

·         Have an outing at TopGolf

·         Do a Putt Putt tournament if everyone is not a golfer

·         Try your luck at bowling

·         Rent a houseboat or large pontoon for a day on a lake

·         Have a kickball, softball or whatever game

·         Have a scavenger hunt

·         Rent a local venue and hire a band (they both need the money) and just have a party!

·         Or just take them to some musical performance already scheduled


And as luck would have it, you can really add to the fun of these outings by making them memorable with some swag. Some things you could do:

·         Sunscreen

·         Lip Balm with UV protection

·         Sunglasses

·         Beach Towels

·         Golf Towels

·         Beach balls

·         Beach umbrellas

·         Coolers

·         Caps and hats

·         An imprinted bag of smaller goodies

·         Flip Flops

·         Stadium cups or double wall tumblers that keep beverages cool/hot for many hours

·         Lawn chairs

·         Backpacks or sling bags

·         Cooling towels to put around neck

·         Golf balls, markers, divot tools, shoe cases, etc.

·         Grilling accessories

·         Hand fans, cell phone fans or misting fans

·         Bug repellent

·         Toy items for their children

·         Flashlights

·         Bottle openers

·         Koozies or can insulators…a must ) 


Here’s to having a fun and getting-together summer of 2021!