Here's What Clients Are Asking For So Far In 2019

  • Feb 19, 2019

If you are wondering what promotional items other companies are purchasing currently, here's your answers based on our clients.  You will not see many of these matching up with some of the new items in our recent blogs, but sometimes it either takes clients time to get comfortable with the new items or the suppliers actually do not have them available just yet.

Many of these items are being used for trade shows, which are in abundance during the first quarter.

The images are just examples for each category and not necessarily the exact ones we have sold so far.


Here goes:

Reusable Straws - Great for the environment.

Reusable Straw


Polo Shirts - And many are Cutter & Buck



Baseball Caps - Particularly the soft mesh back and low profile twill ones.

Logo baseball caps


Koozies - And we mean the actual Koozie brand, especially the ones that print full color.


Stylus Pens - Nice metal ones in the $3 price range.

stylus pen


Table Covers - There is an adjustable one you can use on a 6' or 8' table.  

Table cover


Backpacks - Ones with USB ports and TSA convenience particularly.

TSA Backpack


Inversion Umbrellas

inversion umbrella


Lip Balm - Our top selling item.

lip balm


Lanyards - For Trade Shows


There you have it!  Let us know if we can assist you with any of these or other items.