The Summer of Swag

Jul 03

Promo Hounds has just posted our Q3 specials and whether you need promos/swag for summer events, the upcoming school year or just trendy items; we think you will find some great suggestions here! &nb...

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Tennessee’s New Law Banning Cell Phones While Driving Is A Great Marketing Opportunity For You!

Jun 25

Tennessee has a new law going into effect July 1, 2019 that bans the use of hand-held phones while driving.  Here’s details according to The Tennessean:   Beginning July 1, drivers c...

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Let's Drink To Preserving Mother Earth With Reusable Straws

Jun 06

Reusable straws thankfully are becoming much more popular now.  Let's get this point out of the way first; they are not for everyone and from our experience they really seem to be more popular wi...

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Helpful Info If You Are Considering Wireless Charger Swag

May 08

We are seeing more requests for information regarding wireless chargers for use as promotional products or swag marketing.  The main issue with them is that not all phones are compatible, excep...

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Put A Speaker On It

Mar 11

Seems a very popular trend these days is to put a speaker, particularly Bluetooth speakers, on items that would not normally have a speaker.  Here's a few examples below:   This backpack w...

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New Product Ideas Too Good To Stay In Vegas

Jan 21

  The Promo Hounds team attending the new product show in Las Vegas last week found some great new ideas and trending items!  Among those trending items are ones with a logo that is back li...

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Promo Trends On Horizon for 2019

Jan 03

Happy New Year to you all.  We at Promo Hounds wish all the best for you and your business in 2019.   Though we haven't been to the new product show yet (that is mid-January), we thoug...

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Top 5 Promotional Tech Items

Oct 23, 2018

Tech-related promotional items continue to be one of our most popular categories.  Here's a list of some of the currently popular ones with links to more information:   Tech Travel...

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This Is What's Hot With Promo Swag Right Now!

Oct 10, 2018

Two biggest questions we get:      What's hot or popular right now?      How soon can I get.....? We will leave the second unanswered for now as it really depends on w...

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Promo Products - The More Senses You Appeal To The Better

Sep 05, 2018

    Maybe this has occurred to many of you already, but it was enlightening to me several years ago when I read about it.  When choosing a promotional item, the more senses it can app...

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Plan Now To Avoid Promotional Products Shortages and Price Increases

Aug 01, 2018

  Currently the biggest issues facing anyone planning to buy promotional items are supply shortages and upcoming price increases.  We’ve seen a growing trend in 2018 of suppliers bei...

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The Curse of Polo Shirt - Rolling Collars

May 15, 2018

I’ve seen a LOT of polo shirts during my twenty years or so in the promotional products business.  I’ve seen several that claim their collars do not roll, but they do.  Why is th...

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Hot New Promo Products & Trends 2018

Jan 24, 2018

It's always great to attend the Promotional Products Association's largest trade show of the year in Las Vegas.  It's an excellent opportunity to see what's new and what the current trends are.&n...

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Promo Hounds Top Ten Selling Items For 2017

Dec 05, 2017

      It is by far the question we are asked most often.  What are clients buying from you lately? We've reviewed our orders from 2017 to date and below are our top sellers for...

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Great New Styles In Our Fall/Winter 2017-18 Apparel Line

Nov 07, 2017

  We’ve just posted our all new fall and winter apparel line and there’s some exciting new items this year!  We’ve included many items such as long sleeve polos, long slee...

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Check Out Our Q4 Specials With Great Discounts On Holiday Gifts, Tradeshow Items, Client Gifts, Office Items, Home Items, Auto Items and More…

Oct 25, 2017

  Our 4th quarter specials have some great ideas for holiday gifts, fall tradeshows, client gifts, and items for personal use like in your car or at home!  Here’s a brief overview, ju...

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Keepin’ It Cool This Summer

Jul 03, 2017

Almost everyone loves to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather in middle Tennessee this time of year.  It’s all good, except for the heat.  So our Promo Hound has tracked down th...

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Best Selling New Promo Items Through May This Year

May 17, 2017

Everyone always wants to know what’s “hot” right now with promotional products.  We have your answers.  Lumping the top ones into two categories the most popular would be c...

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What You Should Know When Buying Power Banks

Feb 22, 2016

Power banks, rechargeable mobile chargers for your mobile devices, were by far the best selling tech item for Promo Hounds last year. That is most likely the case with a lot of distributors. Our su...

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First Look At 2016 New Promotional Products - Tech Items

Jan 11, 2016

Here's a quick first look at some of the new items for 2016.  These are items we found at the 2016 New Promotional Product show in Orlando, FL last week.  This list definitely doesn't have e...

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