Please Support End Slavery Tennessee During Human Trafficking Awareness Month

  • Jan 11, 2021



We at Promo Hounds would like for you to join us in supporting End Slavery Tennessee since this month is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  Better yet you can support them all year long.  A link to their website is below but we are putting it here also – End Slavery Tennessee. 

We realize there are so many worthy and needy causes but feel strongly that human trafficking or slavery is nothing short of despicable.  We are helping by donating items like caps, scarves, gloves and awareness magnets. 

Here’s some information to let you know how bad it is: 

  • An average of 88 children are trafficked through Tennessee each month
  • Davidson County alone has at least 100 cases of human trafficking of minors each year
  • Trafficking takes place in every zip code in the state of Tennessee
  • To date, ESTN has served approximately 1,200 survivors of human trafficking since inception in 2012
  • ESTN is the single point of contact for human trafficking referrals in Middle Tennessee. If any of our referral partners (TBI, Police, Social Services Agencies, DCS, etc.) identify a trafficking victim, they must refer them to us
  • ESTN fights trafficking through training, aftercare, advocacy and prevention programming
    • Training: ESTN has training modules on their website and hosts short trainings for groups (can be booked online through our website). ESTN creates award winning training programming for front-line professionals likely to come into contact with trafficking. ESTN’s podcast, Someone Like Me, provides significant insight to the complexities of this issue. ESTN’s awareness and training initiatives reached over 45,000 individuals in 2020 alone
    • Aftercare: ESTN serves hundreds of human trafficking survivors each year through holistic, trauma-informed, aftercare services. We have a residential (safe house) program where survivors can receive free short-term or long term housing depending on their needs. Both our residential and community-based programs include the following services – basic needs (food, toiletries, clothing, hygiene products, etc.) and higher level needs (addiction treatment, mental health therapy, support groups, medical and dental support, legal aid, education services, job readiness training and more)
      • The aftercare program is tailored to each survivors’ specific needs and goals. There is a focus on empowerment, providing choices and providing support to survivors as they do the extremely hard work to find healing
    • Advocacy: ESTN advocates for changed laws and greater understanding of trafficking on the state, local and federal levels. To date, ESTN’s efforts have resulted in over 40 changes to policies and legislation and TN has earned the #1 ranking in the nation for the best laws against trafficking for 3 consecutive years.
    • Prevention: ESTN provides support groups, training and case management to high risk youth and their families. ESTN also provides materials to help parents keep their children safe.

 You can go to the End Slavery Tennessee website and donate money or items, and volunteer.  Please do, and pray for human trafficking victims and the people trying to help them.

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