What if I told you having an online company store is less work for you?

  • May 25, 2022


Have you considered a company store? 

Did you know Promo Hounds offers two different types of online company stores with many customizable features?  They are available both short-term, for instance for a promotion or gift program, etc., or for long-term. 

You can also choose if you want a store that carries inventory to ship on demand, or a store where employees can order custom items to be produced and shipped like normal orders. The first is called an inventory store and second a minimum order store: 

Inventory store – These stores do carry inventory.  You purchase items and they are stored at a fulfillment center.  Employees can go online and order one-offs of items which are then picked and shipped to them.  

Minimum order store – These stores allow you to not carry inventory in a warehouse somewhere.  You choose which items, along with colors and imprint colors, can be ordered.  Then employees can go to the store and order what they need.  It does require orders of minimum quantity just like when you place regular orders. 


Why should you consider a Company Store? 

·         Once you have your store up and running it will be a lot less work for you going forward since items have already been chosen. 

·         You do not have to deal with keeping larger quantities of items at your office and deal with shipping, inventory, etc. 

·         The cost of a company store is likely less than the amount of your time spent dealing with this presently yourself. 

·         You have more control over your company’s branding.  Sometimes remote employees purchase swag items locally that do not meet your branding standards.  Company stores eliminate that. 

·         Company stores can be branded to mimic your regular web sites layout. 

·         Your company store can be fully customized.  For instance, if you want to do a reward store with various level of awards, you can set it up so recipients only see their level of awards.  There are numerous more options. 

·         You receive reports to let you know which items are moving and which are not.  This allows you to make better educated decisions on what type items to offer.

If you would like to learn more about Promo Hounds' company store features and see some demo sites, just click this link:   Company Stores

And if you would like more information please contact me - kevin@promohounds.com

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