The Summer of Swag

  • Jul 3, 2019

Promo Hounds has just posted our Q3 specials and whether you need promos/swag for summer events, the upcoming school year or just trendy items; we think you will find some great suggestions here!



We’re thinking Tennessee’s new law forbidding hand held devices while driving will make these phone holders that clip to your car vent more popular?

Traveling by plane, car or whatever, peeps like to listen to their tunes and they really like listening with wireless ear pods like these.

PopSockets has now introduced these PopMinis.  They say use all 3 on your device but also admit one will work pretty well so you can put on several devices.  We like the smaller size actually.

PopSocket PopMinis

Not sure if you have something caught in your teeth?  No problem if you have this handy cell phone mirror/stand/holder.

Cell Phone Mirror

And phone wallets have been around a while so they had to upgrade them.  RFID protection is built in on these leather-looking ones.

RFID Phone Wallet 



People on the go typically need some type of bag to carry personal items.  We have you covered with a wide range of bags.

TSA friendly laptop backpacks make getting through security a little easier.

TSA Friendly Laptop Bag 

Maybe a messenger bag for your laptop is more your style?

Messenger Bag Laptop

Or if it is a more moderately priced Boomerang backpack you need, these will work.


Quick weekend getaway?  Perfect for a duffel bag.

Duffel bag

And who can not use reusable grocery totes?

Reusable Grocery Tote


Travel Tumblers and Bottles

It is very hot now.  These vacuum-insulated tumblers and bottles will keep your beverages very cold for a long time!

Wine Glass

Vacuum Sealed Wine Glass


Vacuum Insulated Bottle 


Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Sport Bottle



Travel Items

Maybe you are traveling for a while, maybe just around town making calls, if you have a stain you need to get it out as quickly as possible.  Try a stain stick.

Stain Stick 

Ain’t nobody got time to be sick, so when you are touching all those public items, be sure and wash your hands.  And those trays you use at security checkpoints have so many germs…Google it!  So antibacterial spray is a must.

Antibacterial Hand Spray 

Don’t get caught in the rain!  Nobody wants a meeting with someone looking soggy.  These inversion umbrellas collapse for easy of carrying.

Inversion Umbrella 

Cords.  Everyone has so many cords for their devices these days.  Pack them all in a neat travel case like this onel

Travel Case Cords

Check out all our Q3 Specials and you will hopefully find a solution for your marketing needs.  If not, contact



Safe travels!