Clients Not In The Mood To See You? Try Swag Items You Can Mail

  • Mar 13, 2020


Doing business when everyone is being encouraged to social distance is a bit of a challenge.  We believe, and practice ourselves, it is important though to keep your name in front of clients and prospects even during these times.  With that in mind here are some suggestions for items you can mail to clients to stay in front of them.


sticky note padSticky Notes - the BIC alternative to Post-It Notes - are very easy to mail and people will use them.


record coasters

These coasters that look like mini-records were a big hit when we sent them to clients last year.  


If you want your clients to remain calm this essential oil kit with diffuser is a great option.


PopSockets are still in high demand and come packaged in a way you can send in a regular envelope.


If more people are staying at home then items they can use at home, like these bag clips (who doesn't use these?) are a great option.


Or another popular item used at home are these measuring spoons!


Lip balm is still our top selling promotional item.  Easy to mail also!


Get creative with these BIC clic pens that offer full color imprints!


koozieYou can also do full color imprints on Koozies.  They fit in a #10 envelope also!


richardson trucker capOr surprise your clients, prospects or employees with a nice baseball cap.


We do not believe this is a time to throw up your hands but a time to be proactive.  Let us know if we can help.


Take care and we hope you stay well.