Don’t Let Time Run Out! Gear Up For Football Season Promotions now!

  • Jul 26, 2019

August workouts have started, even though it is still July, and football season is right around the corner.  Whether you are doing a promotion to support an actual team or just a football themed promotion at your workplace, we hope these ideas help. 

Let’s start with the obvious…footballs!  You can get anywhere from regular leather footballs; to foam, vinyl plastic, or even stress footballs.  Here’s a couple examples of less expensive ones.

Foam Football

Vinyl Footballs


Whether you are rallying the players at work or attending a game to support your favorite team, Shakers (Pom Poms) and Noise Makers will surely help.


Noise Maker

Another way for getting the cheers going at work or a game is rally towels.

Microfiber Rally Towel 

If you want to give a promo that people will appreciate when they get to a game, a nice stadium seat will do the trick.


To have your support written all over your face, try a temporary tattoo!

 Temporary Tattoos

Every good fan deserves a nice cap.  Choose between a nice cotton twill or maybe a mesh back cap.


And while there are numerous different types of t-shirts and apparel you can have imprinted with your promotion, we think jersey-type shirts are a sure winner!

Football schedule magnets are also very popular and a great way to keep your message in front of fans for several months.

And clear tote bags are a definite necessity for getting into many games now.

Clear tote bag


Next week we’ll take a look at some great tailgating options.