New Product Ideas Too Good To Stay In Vegas

  • Jan 21, 2019


The Promo Hounds team attending the new product show in Las Vegas last week found some great new ideas and trending items!  Among those trending items are ones with a logo that is back lit so it shows more when using the item (like power banks), wireless chargers, reusable straws, Made in USA, cannabis made items and more.


Here’s a brief overview: 

Items With Light Up Logos -  We saw several items, obviously electronic and tech related, where the logos light up when the item is in use.  Like this power bank: Power bank light up logoWireless Chargers – Many more suppliers are featuring wireless chargers now.  They are still a little tricky if using with a phone not Qi enabled, but are on the rise now.

 Reusable Straws – Hugely popular now!  There are stainless ones, paper ones and silicone.  Some of the stainless come with cleaning brushes also.

reusable straws

Washable Paper Bags – Last year one supplier introduced these.  Others are following suit this year.  They are paper bags (heavy paper) that you can wash, so environmentally friendly.  They are not as inexpensive as the typical reusable grocery totes you see.

washable paper bags

Popular Color Items – Even though coral is the official PMS color for 2019, we saw a lot of mint and blue denim color items such as these below.


New Double Wall Tumblers – We are talking about the YETI-like ones (which is a double-wall copper lined vacuum sealed tumbler).  Numerous ones available now that fit single serve coffee makers and even one for champagne…cheers!

single serve coffee double wall vacuum tumbler

¼ Zip Performance Apparel – I believe it was Under Armour, maybe Nike too, that introduced these a couple years ago.  Becoming more and more popular now.  The good part is the promotional product brands, which are every bit the same, have a lower price point. 

1/4 zip performance apparel

Made in USA – With the tariff situation up in the air more suppliers are turning to domestic production!

 A Really Cool Clock – If you are in Nashville.

 Cannabis Items – These are made from hemp, not weed.  Environmentally friendly.


There’s plenty of other new items, too many to mention.  Let us know if you would like us to research some for you.