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  • 10 Great Inexpensive Swag Items To Kick Off The Next Decade!

    10 Great Inexpensive Swag Items To Kick Off The Next Decade!

    Whether you are looking for a swag item to give employees to kick off 2020 or for customers, these following 10 are inexpensive and effective.  Yes they may seem like common items, but they are a...

  • 10 Swag Mistakes To Avoid

    10 Swag Mistakes To Avoid

      With over 20 years experience in the promotional products, swag, business; we’ve seen about everything we think.  Then again we get proven wrong many times.  However, there a...


"I was incredibly pleased. And no, I can’t think of any ways to make the process work better for me. It was pretty darn seamless."

  • Apr 25, 2017

PromoHounds - Put A Little Wag In Your Swag

We’re here to serve you by making it as easy as possible to create and implement successful promotions. We try to look at it from your point of view and provide whatever services are necessary to make your promotion as easy as possible on you, while meeting your expectations for results.

Promo Hounds sells every business promotional item you’ve seen, and we do custom projects.  Logo apparel is one of our specialties.  We also do rush orders and importing.

Promo Hounds is affiliated with AIA Corporation, a group of promotional product distributors that ranks in the Top 10 out of 22,000 in the United States.  We serve primarily Nashville, middle Tennessee and the southeast.