Stress Relievers - The Perfect Promo Item For 2020!

  • Nov 3, 2020

What could be a more appropriate swag item for 2020 than a stress reliever?  If this year hasn't presented unusual stress for you I'd like to meet you!

Here's a few suggestions along with appropriate tag lines.  Hope you like them!



This one really needs no tagline does it?  Just "2020".  )


"Cover your nose or your mask just blows!"


"It could be worse.  You could be a porta-potty!"


"Don't be an ass.  Wear your mask!"


"Let's all salute our front-line health care workers!"


"Who knew your home would become a school house?"


"Life's a crap shoot.  Just ask 2020."


"If we all join together we can defeat Covid."


"There's always a reason to smile!"


"Everything is going to be all right!"